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Improve your Elo in League of Legends

Here we bring you the best content online and to begin with we’ll tell you what you have to do in order to improve your game tremendously as well as become one of the pros that get to enjoy all the time playing the game the love while at the same time getting payed to do so.

Don’t play at your current ELO

So first things first, you’ll need to raise your elo, get an elo boost or something of that nature, this is simply because you will not be able to gain anything at all playing with the people that you are currently playing with.

They will be hindering your performance like you can’t imagine, that’s why you are stuck there, in the infamous <<elo hell>> and you know it, most of the time you are not going to improve by playing with the same people over and over.

You are also not a challenger or a diamond 1 that can carry 4 other people out of their misery current elo and then take the win for you, it’s just not going to happen, it will be a very long and tedious grind, which is why you have to play at a much higher level than what you really are, so that you are the one getting carried therefore makingĀ  you the person who is getting taught and who is learning all these new things you never even considered.

twitch streamer pro tsm player

It’s one thing to watch streams and it’s a totally different thing to actually play and be there as the first person experiencing the games; trust me it’s not even close to what you can imagine.

Higher Elo Streams are very different

If you have seen a stream of a pro player you might have figured that you can read almost everything that is currently going on in the game, despite the fact that they are diamond 1 or challengers.

Well this is because you are not there to make the decisions, you CAN read because the pro streamer is there just basically telling you what he’s doing and doing the perfect thing for every single scenario.

Pro League of Legends Streams Difference:

It’s very different and you will learn that very soon when you are placed in one of those situations after you get your elo raised by a boost or a carry or whatever in League of Legends, the experience is totally different so don’t hesitate on taking the first step which is to just go ahead and jump into the higher tiers of playing.

Thanks for reading and we’ll keep you posted as soon as possible with this and more guides, not so much motivation but really good content guides that will tell you what you have to do in every single situation.


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