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How do the elo boost games go?

In the most famous Moba in the entire history – League of Legends you will find yourself more often than not with people or with websites advertising or talking about elo boosting and you might be wondering what the hell  is this thing?

typical lol boosting game

typical lol boosting game

How can I “boost” my elo? Well the reason is very simple, you simply don’t, at least not yourself, the way you do this is by just placing an order in a website like gamesboosting and then give them the details of your account; I know this sounds super shady and awful but bear with me…


So once you do that they will give your account to amazing players that will then play until they reach the elo you specified in the order when you decided to buy your boost, usually being 1 or 2 divisions above the current one you’re at, this will then cause you to be able to queue with better players in the near future. And it’s basically that… they will handle the account back and the elo boost games they played will be stored as wins for you as if you were the one that did them in the first place.